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Increased mobility and renewed confidence reignites hope of a brighter future for young Wales mum diagnosed with MS

“When I started my journey with Rapid Transformational Therapy, I was a caterpillar. Now I've transformed into a butterfly.”

Cardiff, Wales

A single Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session, personalised recordings and one-to-one follow-up support helped Sara from Wales manage her MS symptoms and start to look forward to a healthier and more active life.


  • MS symptoms, including mobility issues, vertigo and numbness in arms and legs

  • Reliance on medication

  • Low self-esteem and feelings of despair


  • Started walking regularly and eliminated limb numbness and vertigo

  • Halved her depression medication

  • Renewed confidence and hope for her future

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Thirty-year-old Sara from Wales was diagnosed with MS in 2006, right after she graduated from school. One day, she simply sat down and couldn’t get back up. With no history of MS in her family, the diagnosis was a shock to everyone. 

Fourteen years later, as a mother to an active seven-year-old and three rescue dogs, Sara has dealt with ongoing mobility issues, persistent pain, numbness in her arms and legs, extreme vertigo and chronic tiredness.

Despite this, Sara was determined to change her circumstances for the better and keep fighting for the life she deserved, believing anything is possible.

“In my head, I don’t have MS. I want to do what I like and go where I want. But it’s just my body not responding.”

Managing The MS

Over the years of managing her MS symptoms, Sara tried a number of therapeutic approaches, both mainstream and alternative. Special diets would help her feel good for a while, but the effects didn’t last. Or Sara would find a way to effectively manage her pain, but the tiredness and mobility issues wouldn’t budge. 

The ongoing reliance on medication also concerned Sara. Once, when trialling a new drug, she was told she may never be able to come off it.

“I was so disappointed. I don’t want to be dependent on medication for the rest of my life. It makes me feel like a prisoner.”

“If I meet someone new and choose to start a family, I’d like to come off the medication if I want to.”

Finding A Better Way

In her search for a long-term, holistic solution, Sara explored options that addressed the mental and emotional aspects of her illness as well as the physical. Her research led her to RTT. 

“I read so much on it and watched so many videos. I discovered that the subconscious controls so much of your thoughts and your actions. I felt that if you could change your subconscious, then you could change your reality.”

Even though Sara was excited by the possibilities of RTT, she didn’t act on her desire for almost a year.

“For so long, I thought RTT was out of my reach and only for celebrities, that I could never afford something like that.”

Eventually, Sara came across qualified RTT therapist Juliette, who had dealt with chronic illness for most of her life and had received her own life back through RTT.

“I was so relieved and lucky to find Juliette. It was a massive comfort to speak to somebody who understood and didn’t think I had a screw loose. I realised that life didn’t have to be like this, all doom and gloom. There was suddenly light at the end of the tunnel.”

Immediate Results

Barely an hour after her first session, Sara met up with her dad, who commented on how well she was looking. She thought to herself, “Wow! That quick?” And from then on, the compliments kept rolling in.

“You can see it in my face and how I’m dressing. I’m so much happier, and it shows.”

Not only that, Sara was pleasantly surprised by some immediate physical effects. Her vertigo disappeared along with the numbness in her arms and legs.

“It’s been over a month since my session, and the numbness is just gone.”

After her therapy session, Sara also quit smoking and was able to reduce her antidepressants by half.

“I’m just so grateful. I prefer this way of treating the MS, as I really don’t like relying on medication.”


Perhaps even more significant is that the therapy has given Sara a drastically improved attitude towards life.

“Even though I knew the mental shift was a big part of the therapy, actually experiencing it was very empowering.”

Negative comments from people about her struggles with walking used to really knock Sara’s self-esteem. That fear of what people would think or say stopped her from doing everything she wanted.

“The therapy gave me a lot of confidence back, and now I enjoy taking my son into town to walk around. I still have to sit down and rest my legs, but I’m so much more comfortable with being out.”

“I remember before MS I used to walk for miles, so I’m building that back slowly by walking to and around town.”

Sara says RTT has given her a different attitude towards life and created a massive mental shift.

“It’s helped so much with my confidence and my thought process. I’m much more aware now of my thoughts. And much kinder to myself. I love myself more now. I just appreciate my body more.”

That confidence has transformed many areas of Sara’s life. She is even doing a lot more physically, like going for bike rides.

“It’s taken away my fear. I would never have considered something like cycling because I would be worried about how I would feel afterwards. So, I’d just say ‘No, let’s not do it.’”

“I’m definitely looking at my future differently now.”

Reflecting on the RTT experience

“I’m so grateful for the experience, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I’ve definitely changed from the person I was before.”

“[I would] 100% recommend RTT to anyone. I can’t wait to work with Juliette again.”

“Before, I didn’t have much confidence. I was my own worst enemy. And just I didn’t see a good future. Now, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. My confidence is back, and it’s relit the flame.”

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