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Helping You Reduce Your Chronic Fatigue and FND Symptoms

Improve your mental health without medication, negative side effects, or years of therapy

You’ve tried the psychologists, CBT, the vitamins and supplements, the mindfulness apps, and not to mention all the medication you’ve been prescribed….despite the side effects!

You’re not trying to get attention or waste anyone’s time – but you have been left feeling like a fraud, an attention seeker, a hypochondriac; left wondering whether anyone’s ever going to take you seriously unless you actually lose consciousness or have a clear physical injury!

It’s got to the point where you’re afraid to ask for help, fearful that you’ll be ignored, dismissed and disbelieved. Every time you ask for help you’re told it’s all your illness, but there’s no real help to reduce the symptoms that it gives you.

You've had enough!

You’ve managed your stress the best you know how, you’ve made lifestyle changes…but your life barely feels like a life anymore, you feel like you’re just surviving.

The strain of your symptoms has just got too much and it’s taking its toll on you, and your family. Your loved ones become your carers and you’re lucky if you still have friends visit. You’re exhausted…. all the time!

I Know, Because I’ve Been There.

I lived with chronic illness for over 20 years and understand from experience what you’re going through.

I also know you’re destined for more. That you’ve still got hope and you’re willing to put in the work for the life and future you dreamed of.

My commitment is to help you get there.

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So How can I help?

Neurological conditions, like Functional Neurological Syndrome (FND) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), have very physical symptoms, but there’s a misconception that a physical symptom only has a physical cause.

It’s likely the medical profession has caused you to doubt yourself, and even traumatised you, to the point that any talk of mind/body connection is instantly dismissed by your conscious mind. Yet, the mind-body connection is a powerful pathway of communication.

Take a moment, and allow yourself to imagine/remember a wedge of lemon.

Scratch the zest, and breathe in that lemony smell. Feel the juice as you hold it, making your fingers sticky. Really allow yourself to experience it.

Now, just pop that lemon in your mouth and bite down. Taste the flavour explosion in your mouth, the sharpness, the fresh zesty, acidic taste and the feeling on your tongue.


  • What’s happening in your mouth?
  • Do you have more saliva?
  • Did you notice yourself swallowing?

But you were just reading words and imagining, no actual physical lemon. Yet most people that read this will have had a very physical reaction. That’s not to say that the physical sensations weren’t real, of course they were, but the physical reaction came from a thought, a moment of imagination, signals from your mind.

Now, what if I tell you those messages and signals came from your subconscious mind? The part of your mind that runs about 90% of your daily patterns and behaviours. The part your conscious mind is unaware of, the part you’re unaware of. Of course it doesn’t feel like your mind has anything to do with your symptoms, why would it, that’s completely understandable!

A question arises....

How many of your physical symptoms come from the subconscious thoughts/ beliefs/ traumas or patterns you aren’t aware of?

Other's Experiences

Sara - " There was suddenly light at the end of the tunnel. My confidence is back, and it’s relit the flame."Multiple Sclerosis
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“I was so relieved and lucky to find Juliette. It was a massive comfort to speak to somebody who understood and didn’t think I had a screw loose. I realised that life didn’t have to be like this, all doom and gloom. There was suddenly light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I knew the mental shift was a big part of the therapy, actually experiencing it was very empowering. Before, I didn’t have much confidence. I was my own worst enemy. And I just didn’t see a good future. Now, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. My confidence is back, and it’s relit the flame.
Callahan - "It was by far the best money I’ve spent in my 32 years on this planet.”Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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“There are no words in the dictionary to explain exactly how much of a difference it’s made. I could say immense, I could say incredible, extraordinary, or miraculous. I could say all of those things, but none of those would even come close to equating the shift that the therapy has done in my life. I know it’s hard for other people to understand when they aren’t standing in my position. But if I had known then what I know now and how I feel, I would have begged and borrowed for that appointment. It was by far the best money I’ve spent in my 32 years on this planet.”
Lesleyanne - "One thing that is great is I don’t wake up every day in intense pain, it’s amazing!"Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)
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"I’m feeling better thank you! I’ve noticed that I’m not as sensitive to sensations in my body and I’m more motivated to do things. I can wee properly LOL! I still have a bit of pain but it’s not as bad, and I haven’t had to take my pain meds. I don’t get anxious either! I’ve made big improvements and it’s only been just over a week. I was sceptical that the therapy would work before we started, but I’m just amazed at how well it’s worked! I’ve actually managed to head out to the shops and it was nice to feel normal again! One thing that is great is I don’t wake up every day in intense pain, it’s amazing! Things that used to bother me just don’t anymore. I’ve been telling everyone how amazing hypnotherapy is. Thank you for your help, you’ve been amazing."
Debi - "I cannot believe the change in me, I didn't expect miracles yet that is what I got"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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“I have lived with trauma all my adult life and it was destroying not just my life but that of my family. I couldn't keep any form of relationship be it with my son, or a loved one. I didn't feel worthy and was completely lost. I cannot believe the change in me, I didn't expect miracles yet that is what I got. I believe my life has just begun, no more fears, no millstone around my neck... I can breathe, smile, laugh again. I'm growing stronger on a daily basis. My life has completely changed, turned around. I am now talking with my son and we chat on a daily basis, our relationship is the best it's been in a very long time. I can honestly say with my hands on my heart.. What issue? There is no longer an issue, I've let it go, dealt with it and I'm moving on. The best thing since my session has to be my life, I have it back. I'm in control now, not my past. I'm looking forward to what my future brings.”

I know, from personal experience, what it’s like to live feeling like you’re stuck with a chronic illness, to spend so much time and money on therapies, specialists, and medications to find you just don’t feel any better.

I’m here to empower you to take back control of your health and well-being. To create the progress you want to see in your life, to help you through the symptoms and out the other side.

I work with people who are committed to creating this change in their lives, who are sick and tired of the status quo and finally want to complete that last piece of the puzzle.

So let’s get rid of that suffering, and let’s get you to a place where you can trust your body and know that your life is in your control. I help you put your healing back in your hands – not the doctors, or anybody else, what I do puts YOU back in control of your life. Helping you free your mind to heal your body.

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