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Fibromyalgia Treatmet

Reduce Pain, Fatigue and Sleep Issues

Have you had enough of feeling sick & tired, and in pain?

Can You Relate To Any of These?

  • Feeling dismissed, ignored, ridiculed and abandoned by family/friends/doctors

  • Exhaustion and feeling like you’re walking through toffee

  • Anxiety, depression and feelings of overwhelm

  • Difficulty thinking/speaking/memory issues

  • Feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment

  • Lost trust in your body

  • You’ve been told ‘you’re on your own’ and feeling lost, hopeless, overwhelmed and out of control

  • Wouldn’t life feel amazing if you slept soundly, woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead?

    Wouldn’t you feel wonderful if you genuinely felt more confident, happy and optimistic?

    Wouldn’t it be a relief to go through your day without a second thought to your energy or pain levels, just enjoying your day?

    Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

    • Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything: affirmations, relaxation audios, complementary therapies, expensive supplements, even illegal drugs and NOTHING has worked – you’re still feeling lost, hopeless, overwhelmed alongside the endless pain and fatigue.

    • Maybe you’ve seen every doctor under the sun, you’re considered physically healthy - but your body says otherwise!

    • Maybe you feel your relationship will end, as your illness impacts your partner with them taking on the role of carer, having more responsibilities and less freedom. You wonder how much more they’ll put up with.

    • Maybe you know your decreasing health is affecting your professional life, and you feel powerless to maintain your position, let alone reach the potential that you know id inside you.

    • Maybe you’ve wondered “what’s the point” and whether all this struggle is worth it, maybe they’d be better off without you.

    I know what this feels like, because this used to be me too

  • What I’ve learned about people living with fibromyalgia is that they have these 3 things in common:
  • Highly sensitive / empathic / creative / giving – I too am like this, as are the people I work with. It deeply affects the way we process our pain and emotions.

  • They have big dreams that feel out of reach – high achievers that push themselves, with big dreams and aspirations, but feel like they’re always falling short.

  • Challenging childhood experiences - Resulting in them believing that they are not worthy / enough / loveable, affecting their self-worth, self-belief and self-confidence

  • Our sensitivity and ability to feel deeply is a blessing, but when you’re spread thin, feeling depleted and putting yourself last…it can feel more like a curse. 

    Therapy addresses the underlying issues, at a subconscious level, which are usually created in childhood and continue into early teenage years.

    The benefit of the way I do therapy is it’s not necessary to go over and relive past trauma in order to heal from it. When you heal from the inside out, you go from feeling depleted, depressed, exhausted and finding life hard - to feeling confident, optimistic and looking forward to the future


    This is for you if

    • You’re wanting to feel happier in yourself as you navigate a life with Fibro

    • You’re looking for a natural approach to help manage your symptoms

    • You want to reduce pain, increase energy, get a better night’s sleep

    • You're looking to deal with the associated anger and frustration that comes with fibro fog

    • You want to feel less embarrassed and regain confidence in yourself

    • You want to live life with more hope, clarity, self-belief and spontaneity

    You may feel this isn’t available to you because you have trouble finding your words and communicating. If you feel like you’re too anxious to be ‘hypnotised’, or exhaustion means you have trouble concentrating.

    Rest assured that if you’re having a bad day/week/month, then you can have therapy from the comfort of your favourite chair or your bed.

    Calm, patience and non-judgement are the cornerstones of my sessions, having experienced the limitations and frustration of brain fog myself.

    Sessions are held over Zoom which means that even though I’m in the UK, I’ve helped people as far afield as America and Australia.

    Just imagine what life would be like if you felt a sense of confidence and hope in your day?

    In the short video below you’ll see how the process works and options to work together

    I will be with you completely, providing support and understanding, and matching your commitment to healing and taking back control of your health.

    Working together, I use the most appropriate therapeutic techniques to put you back in control of your health. Including, but not limited to:

    • Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy

    • RTT

    • Coaching

    • Emotional Release Techniques

    • Sessions take as long as you need to resolve an issue (sessions usually last around 1-2 hours)

    • Full email and WhatsApp access for support

    • Additional self-development course to be used in addition to 1:1 therapy


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    I work with clients all over the world via Zoom. Although I am based in the UK, I have successfully treated clients globally, including Australia, Europe and the USA.

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