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Rapid Therapeutic Techniques

for Chronic Illness

I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, fully trained and Approved Therapist of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), trained by Marisa Peer; as well as being trained in Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy.

My areas of expertise are in treating long term illness and Chronic Pain conditions. These include Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Functional Neurological Disorders (FND)

After experiencing first-hand the life changing transformation possible with RTT and empowering the subconscious (read my story) my mission is to help others suffering from chronic illness that feel frustrated by a long line of ineffective treatments, regain control of their health and future.

In addition to the above areas of treatment I can also help my clients address other issues such as long-Covid symptoms, chronic pain, creative and money blocks, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-sabotage to help enhance the quality of their life.

What Are Rapid Therapeutic Techniques?

The mind-body relationship is better understood now than it ever was, even by conventional medicine. But we are still being prescribed medications to help with physical pain that has its basis in cognitive and psychological processes.

When we have a psychological trauma or issue and are unable to free ourselves from it, or express it, our bodies store it and it manifests as a physical ailment or disability.

Then we wonder why the treatments aren’t working, why the medications don’t seem to be making a difference. Because they aren’t treating the actual cause of the problem. That’s where Rapid Therapeutic Techniques can create such change and be so powerful.

So what are Rapid Therapeutic Techniques? They're techniques and process that utilise and empower the subconscious mind to bring about a lasting, profound change when conventional treatments seem to fail.

In essence, it's hypnotherapy, but not as you know it! 

Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy is a relaxed session, as simple as a chat with a friend - an added benefit to those that feel they "can't be hypnotised" or fearful of being 'out of control'. Throw out everything you know about conventional hypnotherapy and let change happen through the power of therapeutic conversation. Creating a subtle, yet truly powerful shift without the need to actively confront past trauma, or relive painful experiences. It's not necessary to confront trauma to heal it.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a more conventional method of hypnotherapy combining techniques including CBT, NLP, psychotherapy, and utilising neuroplasticity to rewire the mind for positive change. Clients need to be able to commit to listening to a transformation audio daily, for 4 weeks after the session to cement in the changes.

No matter how we create your transformation, our journey together comes from a place of honesty, authenticity and complete non judgement.

Most women I work with have been ill for many years. They're open minded, creative, givers that support everybody else and tend to put themselves last. Empathetic and often highly sensitive, our work can involve helping define where others emotions end and yours start.

Rapid Therapeutic Techniques have also been found to successfully treat:

Long-Covid Symptoms


Self-Esteem Issues


Creative Blocks, eg Writers Block



And Many More...

The first step to change comes from deciding that you've had enough of how you are now, and committing to releasing the 'old' you so you can transform and start living the life you desire.  Realising there's a problem, and actively doing something about changing it.

So, who do YOU want to be, and how do you want your life to be?

And, what are you prepared to release to get there?


RTT reviews and testimonials

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Regain your power and take control of your own healing

Everyone’s lived experiences of chronic illness are dramatically different and YOU deserve to be treated as the whole, unique person you are.

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I work with clients all over the world via Zoom. Although I am based in the UK, I have successfully treated clients globally, including Australia, Europe and the USA.


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