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Your Journey to Transformation Starts Here

Let me guide you to becoming the person you were meant to be

Imagine yourself. Confident, creative and energetic. Living fully in the way you know you were supposed to. No longer feeling burdened by your issue, no longer trapped or stuck. Instead you feel light, you feel free and you feel optimistic about your path ahead.


The focus of my work is to put you back in control of your health and your life without waiting months or even years for results like traditional hypnotherapy. Start living your best life now and stop putting your dreams on hold.

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Helping my clients have more energy and return to joy, gaining a better quality of life and enjoying quality time with family and friends

How It Works

Most therapists and programs require the client's personal commitment to listening to audios for 28 days, or mentally rehearsing a future 'self multiple times a day'. What I do helps clients make permanent breakthroughs within the session. The work is done together, fully supported, clients are never left to go through the process alone.

Every person is an individual, so I use my experience to give you the most appropriate therapeutic techniques to put you back in control of your health. Including, but not limited to, Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy, RTT, Coaching and Emotional Release techniques. 

We work together until you reach your goal. No more going into a process wondering how many sessions you'll have, and how much it's going to end up costing. There's just one price at the start and the outcome is you achieving your wellness goal, whatever that is for you!

And as an additional benefit, because all sessions take place online you do not have to deal with the added difficulties and fatigue of travelling to receive therapy.

The therapy is powerful in its ability to help you resolve issues in months, where conventional therapies can take years.

Typically my clients start seeing an improvement in symptoms in a few weeks. With a new lease on life we then work together to see them fully achieve their goals.

Regain your power and take control of your own healing

Everyone’s lived experiences of chronic illness are dramatically different and YOU deserve to be treated as the whole, unique person you are.

Jump on a 45 minute strategy call with me to evaluate the best treatment path to suit your individual needs – no obligation and totally free!

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I work with clients all over the world via Zoom. Although I am based in the UK, I have successfully treated clients globally, including Australia, Europe and the USA.


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