… yourself.

Confident, creative and energetic. 

Living fully in the way you know you were supposed to. 

No longer feeling held back by your issue, no longer feeling overwhelmed, confused and out of control.. 

Instead, you feel light, you feel free and you feel optimistic about your path ahead.

Lady surrounded by confetti, smiling because she feels lighter

There’s a confidence that comes with clarity, focus and self-belief.

The focus of my work is to put you back in control of your life, business & health, without waiting months or even years for results like traditional therapy.

Start living your best life now and stop putting your dreams on hold.


What do you need help improving?

Business / Life

Power Hour

Not all problems are subconscious.

The power hour is for when you need help to get your head straight at a more logical/ conscious level.

Brainstorming and talking through ideas, out loud, can often help you develop your ideas and find solutions you’d previously been unaware of.

"Thank you so much! You've helped me get more clarity and options than the mentor I've been working with for the last 3 months"

Rapid Clarity

Working together to help you break through your biggest block.

Find the clarity, focus and calm that comes with overcoming:

Get the results you need without months of therapy, so you can move on in your business with confidence.

"The only thing I regret from working with Juliette is that I didn’t do this sooner!"

3 Months Intensive

Deep dive into the heart of your business, you!

Each deep dive Intensive is as unique as you are.  Providing you with the therapy, coaching and support you need create balance and flow in your life as you level up your business. 

Whether you want more abundance, greater visibility, or a sense of calm and certainty in your life, I’m with you to help you to overcome your blocks and take consistent action to achieve your goals.

"You helped me massively to find my path and have clarity on what to do, and feel truly aligned with everything."


Breaking Free

The self-driven, online course, guides you to help yourself and break free from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Directly aimed to help reduce and relieve symptoms in your own time, at your own pace.

Created with the foggy brain in mind, the course shows you the most effective, condensed information that helped me heal from CFS.

"Thank you for the course, it's really helped me start to feel more in control of my life. Your RTT session is better than some 1:1 sessions I've had!"

Rapid Results

Helping you break through your biggest symptom.

Get relief from your symptoms in as little as 1-3 sessions, allowing you to start living a happier healthier life in weeks, not months.

"I cannot believe the change in me, I didn't expect miracles yet that is what I got. I'm growing stronger on a daily basis."

Deep Dive

3 months deep dive to overcome more complex conditions.

Supporting you fully to resolve your issues, and relieve your symptoms.

Using the most appropriate therapeutic techniques to put you back in control of your health.

You receive the therapy and support you need as every package is tailored to you.

"Knowing how sceptical I was and how many things I had tried, if someone had told me “it’s incredible, it’s amazing!” I might not have believed it.”

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