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Read more about my story and the RTT process below

Hi, I'm Juliette

Empathetic therapist, wellness advocate, and self-confessed crazy dog lady.

I help passionate, driven women regain their health and knock chronic illness on its arse.

I lived with multiple chronic illnesses for over 20 years and understand from experience what you’re going through. I SEE YOU. I understand the inner lust for life and the frustration of unfulfilled purpose. I offer you hope, compassion, and way forward into wellness.

Using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) we dig deep and uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams. Using my RECODE method I empower women to get off the medical merry-go-round, and take back control of their own health and healing. 

I offer 1:1 consultations and therapy sessions completely online, so no matter where in the world you are, I can provide the treatment and support you need.

Your next steps towards a healthier, happier you…

How Single RTT Sessions Works


This is all about you!

We talk about your main challenges and your personal experience living with chronic illness.

Then I evaluate what would be the best treatment plan to suit your individual needs


You have your RTT session in the comfort of your own home!

No travelling, no stress. You get to have the session in your favourite comfortable chair, or lying in bed.

During the 2 hour session, you get to experience the deep relaxation of hypnosis - as you are guided back to a time when your issue started


Our minds learn most effectively through repetition that helps build new neural pathways.

Your transformation is reinforced by listening daily to a personalised audio recording so you rewire your brain to your new beliefs.


To help you with the transition to the new you. If you have a wobble, you’re not left to figure it out alone.

You have me there to guide you and keep you on track with a follow up coaching call after your session.


RTT 28 Day Program

  • Powerful RTT Session

  • Personalised recording

  • Follow up coaching call

  • 28 days full email support

  • VIP upgrade available

  • Typically, my clients start seeing results after the first session. It is truly transformational.

    Great if you want to book a single session or need the flexibility to book multiple sessions within your own timeframe.

RECODE 3 month program – time for a change

  • Individualised approach to number and type of therapy sessions to suit your unique situation

  • Personalised recordings

  • 3 months accountability coaching/mentoring

  • 3 months full email/WhatsApp access for feedback and support

RECODE 6 month program – full transformation

  • Individualised approach to number and type of therapy sessions to suit your unique situation

  • Personalised recordings

  • 6 months accountability coaching/mentoring

  • 6 months full email/WhatsApp access for feedback and support


I work with clients all over the world via Zoom. Although I am based in the UK, I have successfully treated clients globally, including Australia, Europe and the USA.